• To train latent housewives to actively participate in the economic growth of the country through employment / self-employment
  • To provide a platform for housewives to acquire new skills


Type of Courses
  • Pre-approved courses with employment or self-employment
  • Proposal submitted by Training Provider

Type of Training
  • Classroom
  • E-Learning
  • Coaching
  • Others Relevant Methodology

Training Duration
  • Less than 30 days

Financial Assistance
  • Course fee 100% covered by HRDF
  • Allowance (RM20/day) for babysitter/transportation purposes will be paid to trainees by HRDF

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. These are a variety of programs to help both educators who are just beginning this journey, as well as programs for educators who are leaders in innovative education.